Some are days, others are weeks or months. Congress has designated many of them as the official period to bring awareness to various health conditions. National Infertility Awareness Week, for example, is observed starting during the last week of April. Every fertility provider should, in my opinion, start making plans to commemorate that week with both on and off line activities.

But there are other weeks or months also worthy of recognition by savvy infertility marketing professionals. Here are five reasons to use them to boost your social media presence.

End Writer’s Block
Are you stymied when thinking about the type of content you want to generate for your social venues? Are you always trying to play catch up when publishing your posts? Using health care awareness weeks/months is a great way to find content 12 months per year.

Showcase Your Expertise
Health awareness periods can be a platform to showcase your providers’ expertise. Ask them to write social media posts and/or blog about a particular infertility diagnosis and then pay for sponsored posts on Facebook to spread recognition.

Connect with Health Care Organizations
Education and advocacy groups abound for different types of health care conditions. Make connections and ‘meet’ these groups on social media. Share their content and get involved with their efforts. Ask their experts to write a guest blog.

Plan and Become More Efficient
By organizing content around these periods, you can plan and schedule your social media content well ahead of time, leaving you free to respond to ‘breaking’ news.

Enhance Your Social Media Profile
Your organization will be one of many who will be sharing social media posts about a health condition/diagnosis. So stand out from the crowd by creating unique content in a memorable form, such as with an infographic or memorable meme.